Product Data
Product Name : Chert Rock and Crusher Sand
Product Use: Silica dioxide is known for its hardness. It is used in industries including metallurgical, chemical, Ferro-alloy, landscaping, road & civil construction and in various other construction applications as in concrete, paving etc.
Other Names: Crystalline Silica - Quartz
Crystalline Silicon dioxide - Quartz
Silicic anhydride
Chert, Quartz
Composition Information: Crystalline Silica (Silica dioxide)
Ingredients: Name CAS Proportion Hazard
Silicon Dioxide 7631-86-9 >99% Ref. Sec. 3
(OHS Act) 14808-60-7
Other impurities Balance to 100%
Chronic Effect: Prolonged exposure to crystalline silica dust (<10µm) in significant quantities can lead to silicosis or much more rarely cancer.
Inhalation: Inhalation of airborne pollutants generated during handling, tipping & loading, pulverization, grinding or crushing may cause silicosis.
Ingestion: When silica is ingested orally it passes unchanged through the gastrointestinal tract, leaving no trace behind. Small pieces of Silica oxide are equally harmless, as long as they are not large enough to mechanically obstruct the GI tract, or jagged enough to lacerate it's lining. It is indigestible, with zero nutritional value and zero toxicity.
Skin: Due to the abrasiveness of quartz it may cause irritation to the skin.
Eye: Airborne particles may cause irritation to eyes. Symptoms may include redness, tearing, stinging and blurred vision.
Inhalation: PPE 3M FFP2 Type respirators as approved by the Government Mining Engineer. Take all relevant steps to eliminate / minimize the possible source creating airborne pollutants.
Skin: Wearing of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment gloves.
Ingestion: Where applicable wash mouth out with water.
Eye: Wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment safety goggles. If contact with the eye(s) occurs, wash with copious amounts of water holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into the non-affective eye. Seek medical attention.
First Aid Facilities: Eye wash and normal washroom facilities.
Advice to Doctor: Treat symptomatically.
Hazardous Combustion Products: Product not combustible.
Extinguishing Media: In case of fire in the surroundings: use water spray, dry chemicals, foam, or carbon dioxide whichever method is applicable to the combustible material.
Flash Point: Not applicable.
Ignition Temperature: Not applicable.
Flammable Limits: Not applicable.
Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing to minimise exposure. Dispose of waste according to federal, Environmental Protection Authority and state regulations. If the spillage enters the waterways contact the Environmental Protection Authority, or your local Waste Management Authority.
Handling: Wearing of personal protective equipment to prevent breathing in of airborne pollutants is compulsory. When dealing with this product, repeated or prolonged skin exposure without protection should be prevented in order to lessen the possibility of skin disorders. It is essential that all who come into contact with this material maintain high standards of personal hygiene i.e. Washing hands prior to eating, drinking, smoking or using toilet facilities.
Do not smoke in dusty atmospheres.
Storage: Where applicable dried silica sand should be stored in a shed preventing the product to become airborne by wind turbulence.
National Exposure Standards: In terms of NOHSA regulation 9.2.(7) the concentration airborne pollutant to which a worker may be repeatedly exposed for normal 8-hour shift (or a 40-hour workweek) constitutes the Time-weighted Average (TWA) limit and is a concentration expressed in milligrams of pollutant per cubic metre of air that may not exceed 0.10mg/m³.
Respiratory Protection: Where airborne pollutants are generated and exposure standards are exceeded, select and use respirators in accordance with the Mine Health and safety Act SABS 0338, approved type: 3M FF2 type in accordance with SamQuarz Code of Practise.
Eye Protection: If possibility of eye contact exists safety glasses with side shields or goggles should be worn as per General Safety Regulations 2 Personal Safety Equipment & Facilities Occupational Health & safety Act No 85 of 1993.
Hand Protection: Impervious gloves recommended. Final choice of appropriate gloves will vary according to individuals occupation / tasks. Refer to SamQuarz Code of Practise i.e. Personal Protective Equipment.
Body Protection: Not normally required.
Engineering Controls: Ensure sufficient procedures and standards in place to keep airborne concentrations below exposure limits.
Biological Limit Values: No Biological limit available.
Appearance: White, Greyish variable black (solids / granules)
Odour: Odourless
Molecular Formula: SiO 2
Melting Point: ± 1650 ºC
Boiling Point: > 2 230 ºC
Solubility in Water: Not soluble
Density: 2.65 g/cm³
PH Value: Not available
Vapour Pressure: Not Applicable
Viscosity: Not Applicable
Flash Point: Non-flammable
Ignition Temperature: Non-flammable
Flammable Limits: Non-flammable
Stability: Stable under normal conditions of storage and handling.
Hazardous Polymerisation: Will not occur.
Chemical Dangers: Reacts with strong oxidants causing fire and explosion hazard.
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Products is inert and not stored in confined spaces.
Conditions to Avoid: Generation of airborne pollutants.
Toxicology Information: Products not classified as toxic material.
Environmental Protection / Ecotoxicity: Silica and silicates occur very freely in nature and actually form a very high percentage of the earth's crust. As per Department of Minerals & Energy approved Environmental Management System.
Mobility: Not available.
Persistence / Degradability: Not available.
Dispose of according to relevant local, state and federal government Regulations and Approved Environmental Management System.
Not classified as Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail Department of Transport and Railway Safety Regulator
Storage and Transport: Not classified as Dangerous Goods.
Risk Phrase: R42 May cause sensitisation by inhalation
  R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact
  R49 May cause cancer by inhalation
Safety Phrase: S22 Do not breathe dust
  S36 Wear suitable protective clothing
  S37 Wear suitable gloves
  S45 In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice
  S53 Avoid exposure obtain special instructions before use
Poisons Schedule: Not scheduled
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