To steer our economy towards a stable environment that nurtures growth and increases the country's economic competitiveness.
To foster a synergistic relationship between private and public sector to embrace social investment as a common vision.
To develop a wider economic base and maintain profitable business standards
To broaden the tax base.
To enlarge the supplier base to reflect the dynamics of the demographics of the country and citizenry.
To indirectly create jobs and raise the standard of living, especially relating to the HDSA's.
To assist with the transfer of skills and technology to previously disadvantaged individuals.
To foster an entrepreneurship culture amongst previously disadvantaged groups
To create a climate where diversity is valued and regarded as a strength.
SamQuarz (Pty) Ltd will endeavor to develop an effective preferential (BEE) procurement policy for the operations.
Mobilize and build support for Black Economic Empowerment amongst all SamQuarz (Pty) Ltd suppliers.
Identify and approve BEE suppliers for different goods and services
Establish a baseline for purchasing from BEE suppliers, and exceed targets as stipulated in the Mining Codes.
Implement procurement initiatives aimed at promoting preferential procurement within SamQuarz (Pty) Ltd.
Provide access for BEE suppliers to SamQuarz (Pty) Ltd's business.
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